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    Hi all,

    My interest has been piqued recently by my wife requesting some help with researching her family history and we were astounded to find that one of her great-uncles was the great Alfred Charles Percy Warren who, of course, married Maud Ashton! WOW!!

    Needless to say, we have now been reading EVERYTHING we can get our hands on regarding ‘Alfie’, ‘The Flying Warrens’, ‘The Martinettis’, etc., etc.

    We have purchased the following books, by Mark St Leon, and are currently going through them …
    “Take a drum and beat it”
    “The Circus in Australia”
    “Circus – The Australian Story”

    We also have copies of:
    “Circus Saga – Ashtons” by Natalie Fernandez
    “Dynasties 2” by Geraldine O’brien

    Any chance someone can send us a few more ‘hints’ that we can research further?

    Thanks for your time and attention,
    Andrew & Allison (nee Yates) Downey

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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